Merry Christmas! Excel VBA Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas! Let’s build an advent calendar using Excel VBA…

Click here to download the starter file used in the video

Click here to download the completed file (version 1)

Click here to download the completed file (version 2)

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Need to look seasonal but don’t wish to invest in a ‘physical’ advent calendar?

Want to take your VBA coding to the next level?

If either (or both!) apply, this full Excel VBA lecture could be for you.

Our Excel VBA advent calendar dispenses sweetness in the form of words, not chocolate (so it is healthy too!) It takes lyrics from the popular Christmas tune ‘Stay Another Day’ by UK pop group ‘East 17’, and presents a lyric (or some lyrics) from the song when the user clicks on a day icon. This song is Chris’ personal favourite, but you could substitute lyrics from any other song.

The calendar comprises basic and advanced functionality. In basic mode, the calendar displays a single lyric; in ‘multi’ mode, the calendar displays all lyrics up to the day clicked. And there is more. A validation control checks to see if the user is attempting to ‘open’ a day too early! We grant the user the option to switch off this control to allow for glorious ‘full song’ lyric viewing from the beginning of December. Well, it is the season of good will…

Seriously, this kind of creative application provides a perfect learning space away from the pressures of deadlines, customer expectations and file specifications. In the video, I explain how to apply variables, loops, conditional statements and more to get this job done. You’ll see me get into a coding tangle on more than one occasion, and work around the issues using VBA’s debugging aids.

I hope this video is a fun diversion from more serious matters, or another step in your Excel learning journey. Either way, me and the team at Tiger wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you’ll be back with us in 2019 for more Excel fun.

Take care,

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