How to Collate Sports Fixtures Results into a League Table in Excel


How can you collate sports fixtures or results into a league table in Excel?

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Sport enthusiasts might wish to create a league table from a set of results in Excel, but it can be difficult to know how to start. Without good pivot table or VBA programming skills, it is a complex task that cannot be completed in one fell swoop. It necessitates some clear, logical thinking about the required steps, and the creation of a well-structured Excel file.


In the introductory video, Chris talks about the task, why it can be difficult to create a league table in Excel, and the best mindset to adopt.

The video series invites us to reflect on what a well-structured Excel file looks like. We propose a structure comprising three elements – a backend, calculations and frontend – and apply it in the video series. This is a good general structure to apply to your next Excel-based task!

Along the way, we apply Excel formulae that are essential in spreadsheet modelling including if, sumif, offset, match and vlookup.

As a starting point, Chris takes the results data from the 2015-16 Premier League season and works through the steps towards a league table. In the final video in the series, Chris tests the model created against the actual Premier League table. Will it be accurate?

Excel Sports Results

Video 2 – convert scores to a result using if

Video 3 – collate wins and losses using countif 1

Video 4 – collate wins and losses using countif 2

Video 5 – use sumif to find goal difference

Video 6 – use match and offset to create the league table

How did you get on with the video series? Were you able to collate the sports results into a league table in Excel? Contact us here.

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