Excel VBA For Beginners: 30 Real World Problems And Solutions


You’re not an Excel VBA Absolute Beginner. Rather, you’ve learned a few techniques and you feel ready to put them into action. Perhaps, like many, you’ve learned too many techniques and feel it’s about time to start applying Excel VBA to Real World Problems! After all, you didn’t learn to code for the sake of code itself. Or, perhaps you’d just like to hang out online for the next 30 days and talk Excel and Excel VBA? If any of these apply, you’ll love the Excel VBA For Beginners: 30 Real World Problems and Solutions series.


Video 1 – How To Create An Informative Message At The End Of A Macro Using Excel VBA

Video 2 – How To Find the Nth Largest Value In A Dataset Using Excel VBA

Video 3 – How To Edit A Database With A Button On A Row Using Excel VBA

Video 4 – How To Do A Custom Sort In Excel Using Excel VBA

Video 5 – How To Send Multiple Emails Using Excel VBA

Video 6 – Use Excel VBA To Delete Shapes On A Sheet, But Leave Some!

Video 7 – Use Excel VBA To Find The Last Row In A Dataset


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