Create A League Table in an Excel Spreadsheet

Need to create a league table in an Excel spreadsheet? The below videos take you through the key steps.

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Create League Table in an Excel Spreadsheet Part 1 of 3:

The first video (above) explains how to create a Rank formula – the formula that Excel supplies to help rank pieces of data. TIP: When building a Rank formula for a league table, it is important to remember to fix references for your league table using the F4 key. This will insert $ signs around the league table reference, which means that you can copy your formula to other cells.

Create League Table in an Excel Spreadsheet Part 2 of 3:

The second video covers two of Excel’s most useful formulae – Match and Offset. Like fish and chips, these two work together beautifully. Applied effectively (it will probably take you a few attempts,) this technique will allow you to create a dynamic league table. Make sure you practise using the download file (link at top of article.)

Create League Table in an Excel Spreadsheet Part 3 of 3:

The final video deals with the topic of equal values. These are a common feature of league tables – a football league table is a good example. We explore how to model important details that distinguish between pieces of data. For example, goal difference in football. Failure to include these details could result in errors in your league table, so it is important that we understand how to deal with them.

League table Excel picture

Done? Now learn more about the formulae used in this video:

Excel Offset formula

Excel Match formula

Combining Match and Offset

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